Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Title? But That Involves Thought...

Okay, okay. I know it's been an age since I last wrote, but don't hold it against me - assuming of course, you give a shit. But here's a quick update on what's happened since the last time I pained you with my litera- uh, ramblings.

Rejected, like a horny Jack Russel
Unfortunately, I didn't make it into the Army. This was a major set-back for me - one I'm still left reeling from, despite it happening over half a year ago. I had my whole life planned out on the back of being successful with this. But I wasn't, and I still haven't figured out an alternative track to take.
In case you're wondering, I was referred on the medical basis that I'm afflicted by migraines, of which I understand, but it still doesn't do anything to moisten my throat to help me swallow that large and bitter pill.

Literally by the skin of my teeth, but I passed college. My previous blogs have probably well documented the sheer lack of enjoyment that I found in going to college in the last few months of my course. Thanks to the abnormally high levels of wank that South Tyneside College is, and having less in common with my class mates than I would with a slug it got to the stage where I just lost all interest and did the bare minimum to pass with at least something that wouldn't have sent those two years sailing through the air straight into the thick file of my life headed: "ANOTHER WASTE OF FUCKING TIME".

Hello, thanks for calling...
I left Primark and got a job in the technical phone support industry. I found that leaving Primark after three years was a quite difficult, as much as I hated the job itself, the people who I worked with made it worth getting up for.
That aside, as I direct result in my being referred from the Army, I decided that I probably had to get a proper job where I had to get up every morning for. I've been there for five months now, and it's surprising how quickly it becomes apparent that spending 8 and a half hours a day talking at a computer screen is seriously yawn inducing.

Fell off t' perch
The news that an incredible member of the family was ill and diagnosed with weeks to live arrived like a kick in the groin - by a horse - for everyone. My Grandfather was my idol, one minute fit as a fiddle, the next, quite literally on his death bed.
A true Yorkshire man born and bred, big wig in the Maisonettes and head of the family, this man managed to sneak into Russia for a holiday, broke his foot on Ayers Rock and proposed to his wife on The Great Wall of China. He once when to the Borneo rainforest and traveled across Israel as well as countless other places. I could never even put into words how much of an inspirational man that he was. Really, I couldn't.

Commoner's Palace
Over the past year and a half I think I've moved around five times. A youth hostel, to 2 different shared accommodation houses, to a council flat and now finally a flat of which I share with a very close friend. It's taken a while, but I can finally settle down and be comfortable with where I live.

So, yeah - that's enough about my meaningless life. It probably wasn't quite as world changing as the Arab Spring, or Kim-Jong Il's demise - but it killed a few hours of otherwise inate boredom that has been my Saturday.


  1. Cheers for the update ;) Feels like i haven't seen you in that long too! x

  2. You only live the next street along! come on over!