Monday, 21 March 2011

Waging a crusading war of Hitlerism!

The Libyan leader said the air strikes amounted to terrorism and vowed to fight to the death.
Loyalist tanks attacked
Watching eagerly how the events are unfolding in Libya, it would seem that last Friday, the UN finally made the decision to sanction the No-Fly-Zone over Gaddafi's plot of North African sand. This all came together on Saturday when the French for once actually took some military action and lead the assault on the country by launching an air mission against Gaddafi loyalists whom were carrying out an assault on the rebel held city of Benghazi - which, it would seem, has perturbed the Americans because an attack on ground forced themselves apparently lacked international approval. This opening hand was then followed up by a huge salvo of 112 cruise missiles from US warships and a British submarine on Libyan anti-air and command infrastructure. These opening attacks were then chased by a 3000 mile round trip from Norfolk by British Tornados on a sortie on yet more of Gaddafi's anti-air network. Needless to say, despite being at work, I don't think I have watched rolling news this avidly since the Coalition invation of Iraq in 2001.

It would seem that the UN backed No-Fly-Zone is already facing small amounts of criticism from the Arab League, and it would appear that China and Russia are beginning to regret their decision to not veto on Friday. This however this is drowned out by the sound of the bombs and the thankful voice of all the anti-Gaddafi supporters in Libya and around the world.

Muammar Gaddafi
What is perhaps the most curious aspect of this whole situation is the propaganda campaign that is being waged by the Libyan government. The vast majority of it really is so bad, it is just comical to believe that anybody would be indoctrinated by it; but when twined with the air missions from the coalition, Gaddafi loyalists do seem to be influenced by it. I mean, it is understandable for the government to be trying to keep Libyans onside, but when he's piping up with crap like "this is an unjustified aggression" and calling the UN coalition "terrorists", I honestly don't understand how he is going to be able to keep up his rhetoric for much longer. Gaddafi, do us all a favour, ressurect Goebbels and ask him to teach you how to do propaganda properly. Oh, accutually, forget that. It's us that are waging a "crusading" campaign of "Hitlerism" - you can't have him.

I know it may sound a little arrogant to scoff at the propaganda being spread, but does Gaddafi seriously think that he stands even an iota of a chance against two of the most experienced and biggest military mights in the world? He has even called us the "Coalition of the devil".

America and the UK haven't yet ruled out the possibility of a deployment of ground forces onto Libyan soil, and Cameron is discussing the whole situation in parliament as we speak. How that and the rest of this 'conflict' turns out will be firmly in the hands of the powers that be, and how they are willing to react to each others actions.

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