Monday, 14 March 2011

Now this is need-to-know world news.

Yeah, forget the tragedy that is unravelling in Japan right now, a Gypsy 'war' in Manchester is what the Daily Star thinks that the British public are far more interested in right now. This quite frankly disgusting piece of journalism is well on par with the Daily Mail's spectacle of a few days ago. Does the Star's questionable PR department (if it even has one) even think about how its paper would look when displayed with the other papers of the day? Because to be frank, when I saw this lined up with the other tabloids such as The Sun and the Daily Mail, it just looked so ignorant to have a small subline regarding to the Japan tragedy, that doesn't even refer to Japan; only mentioning that 4,000 Brits have apparently died in a quake. Which one? New Zealand? Haiti?

Funnily enough, low and behold, in the matter of seconds I spent stewing and contemplating my annoyance, your typical Daily Star reader stereotype picked up a copy and bought it. The sort of person you expect to see in the Black Garter in Newcastle's Granger Market - Grunting for communication whilst hydrating and sustaining himself on pork scratchings, peanuts and Special Brew. 

Honestly, I didn't bother actually reading past the front page; the idea of physical contact with the disappointing tree by-product wasn't appealing to me.

It isn't like this is something that this tabloid looks at occasionally, the past half month's front pages have been literally plagued by 'news' such as this, and Jordan - oh, and that Muslim's are a disgrace. 

I'm a fan of the free press, but it has to have its boundaries when aspects of the media are publishing hate educing and racist stories? It only leads to increased ignorance, increased intolerance and increased fear throughout its uneducated, easily influenced reader base. To say that readers of the Star have the intelligence of a slug, is disrespectful to the slug.


  1. Can't believe they would run a cover story like that with everything they could choose from at the moment... twats.

    Ps. Love your new layout/design! :) x

  2. Oooops, put a dynamic URL, so the image changes every day with the new front page. But again, Big Brother goes naked?

    Fuck off.

    Thanks, Siobhan :)