Tuesday, 8 February 2011

"All sins tend to be addictive, and the terminal point of addiction is damnation."

Last week, a few of us experienced problems accessing Facebook from our mobiles. I know for one, it caused me great pain, as I’m sure it also caused many others great discomfort too.
I remember a conversation with a friend about it the day after where she admitted that the more that she was unable to log in to Facebook, the more determined it was making her to successfully get on. To which I replied with:
“Facebook is like a woman; you poke it, and share how you feel with it. And when it plays hard to get, it makes you want it more - except in my case. I just went to Twitter.”
The sad story here is that addiction to Social Networking is in fact becoming a reality. It may be a ‘victimless’ addiction, such as mobile phones, but an addiction none-the-less. It is becoming so widely accessible, that when we are without it, we can feel lost and uncomfortable.
I will admit, I am a self confessed Facebookoholic, I sometimes catch myself checking my Facebook on my phone even though I am sitting at a computer with it on my screen in front of me. When I realise what I’m doing, I feel so ridiculous.
Twitter is a recent favorite of mine. I’m still getting to grips with it, most notably, trying to understand this ‘Trending’ malarkey; but I’m getting there…slowly.
I suppose I should ween myself, but that would mean not having a place to vent my frustrations and disappointment in life, myself and other people. It would mean not being able to nose in on what everybody else is doing, and most importantly, it would mean that I would have nothing to do on the bus anymore when I’ve finished reading the Metro paper.
I suppose I should get back to doing something actually productive now. These 3 assignments aren’t going to do themselves….

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