Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Rekindled love of Graphic Design

Here are a few pictures that I’ve quickly bashed up with Photoshop during my time at college. I used to absolutely love faffing around with Photoshop to make my own backgrounds, Myspace layouts (back in the day), website banners and buttons and forum Sigs. 
These is the result of my procrastinations:
This is just a quick wallpaper that I bashed up from scratch. Though it would make a unique background on my college username.
A old mate of mine asked me to make a banner for him for his webpage. The webpage never flowered and stayed as an idea for him, but I did it for him none the less. However, I do believe xemondo.com does in fact exist - well, perhaps not. It appears he hasn’t paid his hosting fee. Doh!
This was the result of a little competition that I had with someone in my college class. Needless to say - I won with the majority of votes. A result that he still disputes to this day. 
This is my latest work for my assignment website. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to be able to put something on the website that made it stand out properly - however, I may not be able to use it because I think that it says somewhere in the brief that the layout is CSS only. Which would be supremely disappointing.
My next unit at college will be Graphic Design. I am so excited to be able to flex my creativity as until now, it’s something that I’ve only been able to muck around with. 
I hadn’t used Photoshop properly for a good couple of years before I noticed that they had it at college. I was honestly surprised when it just all came flooding back to me. I thought that I wouldn’t remember how to use it. How wrong I was!

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