Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Such the week I've had, and it's only Wednesday

I’ve been toying with the idea of actually starting to use my Tumblr account for a couple of days now; and I came to the conclusion, why not? I don’t really blog, but I would like to start.
Anyway, new to all this lark, but here I go.
Last Thursday I posted a reply to a Radio1 Newsbeat opinion request on Facebook about Game Piracy and it’s impact on the Game Industry.
Well obviously, my well worded response caught the attention of a certain Dan Whitworth who is a Newsbeat journalist. I got an email asking if I would like to be interviewed for the radio about my opinion, and for my phone number so that he could contact me. 
Earlier this week, I got a phone call from Dan explaining to me that he will make the arrangements for an interview to be carried out at my local BBC office and that I could have a debate with another person that offered a conflicting opinion to me. Dan also suggested the possibility that the whole thing may also be televised, which could entitle me to go to Doncaster and meet up with the other lad who is taking part in this discussion as the opposing opinion. With a potential audience of 11 MILLION listeners. All very exciting stuff.
Well, that’s not even all of what happened to me this week, if you can believe that! Last night, me and my fellow housemate, were forcibly restrained and had our legs waxed by our other housemate and her friend. The pain was tear jerking, and I would die happy to never feel that pain again. Not the way I would’ve wanted to lose my waxing virginity. It was incredibly traumatising. Waxing rape. 
I think that’s about it for this week

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